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Daventry 2014

Going to Daventry was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I only wish I could have stayed longer, but the Cruiser Experience was on at Pure Triumph and I had a slot booked for 2pm. The day started early but not so bright. Fortunately, the grey clouds never opened so everybody stayed dry. Not expecting anybody, I turned up at Riverside to wait for the hypothetical member (just in case), and set off at 8.50 am with a view to be at Bikers World around 9.20 am. After a troublefree ride, I got there as planned, one of the first twenty riders or so to arrive.

This gave me time to have a nice bap with sausage and egg, tea, and I started chatting with other Triumph owners. I also met Greg, one of our members who can never come to the Wednesday meetings, who was riding with the Royal British Legion, as well as Vic and Jane also riding with the RBL on their Classic Rocket III. I also talked to various other riders, including the 'Busa Rev' and the owner of the delightful Norton 961 (see pictures).

After everyone had arrived, we left Bikers World around 10.15 am to start the ride in, helped by the police riders and blood runners who were stopping traffic at junctions to let us through. That was quite a long and uninterrupted file of motorcycles! I don't have the exact number, but I would say at least 150 bikes. Arriving at our destination in the centre of town, we parked and dismounted. I had taken the shirt I had made with our new logo on it, thinking that a bit of free publicity wouldn't hurt. Indeed, a lot of people asked about Northants TOMCC, and this is also how I found that Meriden TOMCC had come in force (met Keith, their runs captain, who noticed my shirt, as well as a few others). After lunch at the local greasy spoon to help fatten my arteries (no kidding!), I left around 13.20 to go to Pure Triumph, feeling I had had a great morning.

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Meeting at Bikers World

A busy town centre

Various Triumphs on display

Interesting motorcycles

Triumphs from Meriden TOMCC

(Pictures by Fran├žois)

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