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12/13 December 2015 - Kickback Chelsea

Kickback is an event showcasing custom and handcrafted motorcycles, and also showing a selection of lifestyle products. As Julia Anderson was exhibiting Neals Yard products, several of our members decided to join Paul and go down to London to enjoy the fine machinery on display. Zoe Cano, the travel writer and Bonnie rider, whom we had the pleasure to meet at the last Jack's Hill Ton-Up Day, was also there to sell her book.

20 July 2015 - Run to Meriden TOMCC

Paul's report

The weather looking changeable, I set off to Cobblers Car Park hoping to find that no one had bothered to turn up. Bother, Graeme was already there. As son as I had finished telling him off for turning up, Johnny arrived; more discussions!  Then ASBO Garry made an appearance on his Tiger, followed by Kev on a brand new Tiger, which we all thought he had just nicked from Pure Triumph. Anyway, I can't believe it, but we have some really hard core members who turn up even when the ride is likely to be flipping wet. Hats off to you lot, top banana! We set off to Meriden at 7.10, and at Daventry we lost Graeme. Has anybody got a really long bit of string  we can borrow to tie to his bike please? Us four bikes got to Meriden with very little rain, and then, as by divine thingy, Graeme arrived. A bit too late as I had already got the beers in. Keep up, mate! Anyway, the lads at Meriden were very surprised and pleased to meet us and we all had a enjoyable evening. Johnny's bike got lots of interest and people even spoke to Gary - which made him feel warm and happy! Again, I really appreciate the support that the lads gave me for the ride, which proves, once again, that if you put a little bit in, then you will get a little more out.

19 July 2015 - World Record for 'Most Triumph Motorcycles in a Parade' at the Britannia Stadium

François's report

It all started with this message posted on various social media:

"Own a Triumph motorcycle? Got a full licence?
Feel like breaking a World Record?
The Staffordshire Bike Show offers you the chance to be a part of a world record attempt. On Sunday 19th July at the Staffordshire Bike Show we will be attempting to break the world record for the ‘Most Triumph Motorcycles in a Parade’ and you can easily be a part of it. You only have to own a Triumph, bring it to the show with a full licence, be a competent rider as we cannot have bikes more than two bike lengths apart, and enjoy a ride into history."

So I decided to give it a go and registered via the website put together specially for the occasion. Unfortunately, the date clashed with Founders Day, otherwise a few more of Northants TOMCC were game to go to the Britannia. After two days of sunshine (my ride to stay at friends in Stafford on the Saturday was glorious), the weather was not good, with pouring rain overnight and drizzle in the morning. Typical! Anyway, I arrived at the rendez-vous point shortly before 8:00am, where I registered my entry and parked the Sprint to say hello to a few Triumph-riding friends who were also taking part. Given the weather conditions, a big oversight from the organisers was to not have booked any food/drink van. As the parade was due to start around 9:00am, waiting in the cold for over an hour with no hot tea/coffee was not much fun. Anyway, bit by bit bikes arrived, in a pretty constant flow, up to the point where it became obvious that whoever was going to be there on the day had arrived. The organisers had received a bit over 460 entries via the website, but true to form, we had lost the fair-weather bikers and it didn't feel like there were that many bikes present. Not sure as to the exact number of bikes on the day, we were nevertheless ready to break the world record, currently standing at 313 Triumph motorcycles. When the Guiness people signalled they were ready to start filming and counting the bikes, we set off in formation, riding in pairs, just as the rain stopped (yeah!). It was a quick up and down the Stanley Matthews Way, which had been cordoned off by the police for the occasion, and it was over in the blink of an eye. Back at the car park, time for a quick chat and I said my good-byes, ready to start the two hour journey back home. Of course, the rain reappeared just as I was leaving and accompanied me until I rejoined the M1 from the M6. A few days later, we received an email confirming that 369 riders took part to the event. So the World Record for Most Triumph Motorcycle in a Parade has been broken and will be officialised later by the Guiness World Records organisation. [The videos were taken at the start and at the end of the run, when bikes were not all in formation, respecting the minimum distance. However, the photo below shows what it looked like when we rode down the Stanley Matthews way.]

World Record Attempt
World Record Parade

13 July 2015 - Run to the Norton Owners Club

Neville's report

Once again, the weather conspired to make the ride out a bit of a non-event. That afternoon, the rain had been pouring down, so only four of us met at the Cobblers car park, one rider on a Norton, another on a Vincent, and Mike and I on our Triumphs. Fortunately, the rain had subsided by the time we set off, so the ride to The Wharf Inn was uneventful, on a dry road. We rejoigned eight members of the Norton Club who had travelled by car (!) and had quite a social evening. Not much else to report, really.

[sorry, no picture]

26 June 2015 - Run to The Falklands Arms

Paul's report

Meeting at the Cobblers car park in Sixfields, 5 bikes came but only 4 rode to Great Tew, taking the country roads route to enjoy a bit more twists and turns compared with the boring A43. When we arrived at the Falklands Arms, the pub was packed and a barbeque was currently running in the back garden. The burgers were delicious and we all took advantage! After the regulatory couple of beers, plenty of chat, and food, we had a nice ride home, again following the country road. All in all, a nice evening.

John, Gary, Paul and Graeme enjoying a pint in Great Tew

Graeme and John enjoying the BBQ

24 June 2015 - Run to Peterborough TOMCC

Francois's report

Meeting at Pure Triumph, four set off to join forces with Phil B and Francois, who were waiting at the Thrapston services. Rejoining the A605 to ride to our destination in Stilton, Francois & Kevin led the way, promptly overtaken by Gaz who stormed passed and quickly faded in the distance. Maybe we need to start thinking about giving him a 50cc scooter for the ride outs, as this is the only chance to see him ride in formation! The A605 is not a bad road, but it is always busy, with lots of lorries. Maybe next year, we ought to think about taking a right at Achurch/Wigsthorpe, then left to Winwick and Great Gidding, following the country roads instead of going via the A605/A1.

There were already a few bikes waiting when we arrived at The Talbot Inn, with a few familiar faces from past rallies and shows. Peterborough TOMCC usually are the TOMCC presence at the BMF Show, and they organise the yearly Stilton Bike Show in August.

After grabbing a pint, we assembled for a quick "lads from Northants TOMCC" picture (thanks to the Ducati rider who took the picture).

Although the turnout was not as high as that of previous years, the Wednesday club nights at The Talbot Inn still attract a fair amount of riders. Some of the Peterborough guys were away, whilst others were busy preparing the St Ives display (Sunday 29/06), but the attendance was very decent. Another nice ride out in good company.

"Purple Bonnie Jo" on the photo (with a purple t-shirt of course!)

19 June 2015 - Run to Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club

Francois's report

Thursday evening saw the annual BBQ hosted at The Three Horseshoes in Ecton by the Northants branch of the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club. Always a friendly affair, well attended. Considering that a lot of us are currently abroad, we managed to give a good account of the club with 8 of us in attendance, Phil B, Ralph, Graeme, Graham, Paul M, Dougall, Steve H and myself, although only Paul and Graham set off from Pure Triumph.

[sorry, no picture]

13 June 2015 - Run to Daventry for the annual 'Ride In'

Francois's report

This year, the Daventry Bike Fest was, unfortunately, a bit of a damp squib. Blame the great British "Summer", giving you sunshine during the week and rain for the week-end. And rain, we got! The fine drizzle was unrelenting that morning. As usual, the direct consequence was that only about a quater of last year number turned up on the day. The car park at Biker's World felt a bit empty when we got there, just before 9:30 (we had left the Cobblers car park shortly after 9:00).

After a quick coffee and a browse at all the goodies in the shop (well stocked), we did the "Ride In" and parked our bikes in the town centre. First order of the day was a solid full English breakfast. If anything, we needed something warm in our stomachs! Hunger satisfied, we went up and down the high street, looking at the bikes on display, talking to their owners, and spending a bit of time listening to a very good Rockabilly combo called "The Band With No Name". Other bands would play in the afternoon, but we had left by then.

Kudos to the Honda Goldwing/Aspencade club for braving the rain and turning up in numbers. Some of the trikes on display were amazing, although I am not sure I would want to spend 40k on one. But each to their own... In any case, a friendly bunch, helping to make the high street look a bit more crowded. There were a few Triumph bikes as well. You can see some of the older girls in the slide show on the Daventry 2015 page (ref below). Also, the Hesketh Owners Club had their gazebo with about 5/6 bikes, reminding us that their birth place of Towcester and Turweston are just down the road.

After about two hours at the Bike Show, and gone 12:00, we decided to have the one regulatory pint at the Saracen's Head Inn. The big surprise there was to pay £2.35 for a pint of lesser know bitter. When was the last time a fiver got you two pints?! Pint down, we went back to our bikes and set off on the journey back home. And yes, it was still raining!

In spite of adverse weather conditions, the atmosphere was still very friendly, although double the amount of bikes would have been great. The Daventry Bike Fest attracts families who come to look at the bikes on display and you often see several generations together. One slight niggle, presumably due to the usual 'Elf & Safety' people in charge, we had to be escorted by marshalls when leaving. As to why somebody would presume I would run over a pedestrian without a marshall escort to exit the high street, I don't know. Nevermind... the next edition has already been written in the 2016 calendar. Let's just hope the sunshine sees a return of the 150+ riders who rode into town last year.

[more picture under Events/Other Events/Daventry 2015]

7 June 2015 - Run to Super Sausage

Paul's report

Sunday's ride out was greeted with bright sunshine and 7 bikes turning up at the Cobbler's car park in Sixfields.

After much chatting, we set off, with Gaz taking the lead. Well, that was our first mistake as he's just bought an ASBO type Street Triple in a nice white and blue livery. No sooner had he hit the first round about that we had lost half of the group! Gaz, nice bloke, but pretty poor as a run leader.
Anyway, after an uneventful ride under the sunshine, we all made it to Super Sausage for tea and cholesterol intake. Phil "El Presidente" Barton arrived at 11am, just after Neil and Lynne Wooding.  
Nice ride, good company and some cracking bikes... Enough said!

23 May 2015 - Triumph 25th Year Anniversary at Pure Triumph

Les's report

We had a good day out at the 25th year Triumph Open Day o Saturday 23rd May 2015 at Pure Triumph.

The attendance was fairly good and well pleasing; we estimate approximately 75-100 various bikes turned up on the day. We recorded most of them as members or visitors, the breakdown being: members 19 and visitors 29 to our stand. The rest just passed by.

There was a static Disco playing suitable music and alongside a static display of (ideal Hearing protection) moulded ear plugs! The later given as a prize voucher, which our own John Gibbs won. Other prizes were given out on the day by way of a lottery, choosing cards on which punters had written their names. The top prize was a commemorative tee-shirt celebrating the 25th anniversary. Bob Seagrave picked one of these up.
I did a quiz but we had very few takers and those taking part couldn’t be bothered to look for the answer, all of which where to be found in the bike brochures.
The breakfast butties went down very well, they were provided by The Pit Stop@ Pure Triumph.
We signed up 3 new members on the day.
Many pictures were taken (see the slideshow in the section Other Events 2015).
Kevin Lington was happy with our turnout and I assume he did some business as he seemed to be very busy all day.
All in all an enjoyable day..


26 April 2015 - Heritage Breakfast at Bicester Aerodrome

Matt's report

Great day out, weather stayed fine and had a great cross country ride via back of Silverstone over to the Heritage / Brunch breakfast event at Bicester Aerodrome. Riding into the airfield past rows of vintage airplanes which had flown in specially for the event, on the opposite side of the runway was various car clubs. Turning right towards the motorcycle parking hangar and rode passed various other one make classic car clubs including a plethora of Ferraris, Jaguars and the like.
Very clear to understand why they say that Bicester Airfield, is the largest remaining 2nd world war bomber airfield as every way you turn there is yet another hanger or air raid bunker, today though everywhere was packed with more interesting and often quite rare vintage / classic vehicle including several vehicles driven up from the Brooklands museum, a row of blue Bugattis, Aston Martin’s, Bentley’s and every type of British vehicle going plus various American / Foreign classics and even the world’s fastest stock car!
I met up with Duncan Wiltshire the managing director of Historic Promotions who informed me that there was around 2000 participants in today’s event and that he had just finalised a much bigger event for the 20th and 21st June which would include some vintage and classic racing as well as military vehicles, re-enacments, historic aircraft flypast’s and displays etc. Duncan has agreed to send me further information so maybe we will be able to get a club ride sorted although it will only be bikes up to 1960 that will be allowed as part of the display... More news when I get it, but in the meantime have a look at some of the pictures of today’s event – lucky I remembered my camera as it seems I was the only club member attending the event.
See you all at some point during the Bank Holiday Rushden Cavalcade..

25 April 2015 - Saturday ride out from the dealership

Paul's report

We all met on a sunny Saturday morning at Pure Triumph Wellingborugh. After a quick chat, I suggested we ride out to Freedom Motorcycle, a Victory/Indian dealership located in the village of March, betweem Peterborough and Wisbech. We all agreed and set off at 10:00 sharp, all being myself, Paul Anderson, and my wife Julia, Les Barras, Carl Richards, Mark Warples, John Green and Dominic Dowsey-Magog.

We arrived into March and, after one slight detour, found the dealership, parked up and in we went. We sent Les to meet the owner and get some free coffees, on which he duly delivered. The salesman, Richard, then told us about his passion for motorcycles and that he rode a Rocket III! The Victory  and Indian motorcycles looked very impressive, although we felt the shop was a bit too crammed with motorcycles; sometimes, less is more. We had set a return time of 13:00, so it is a shame the we did not have time for food. But next time hopefully! We set off, returning via Peterborough and Thrapston.
Thanks to everyone who supported the ride. It was really great to met new faces and get to know them a bit better.
PS: Sorry to Kev about missing the ride, but it was you idea when I was chatting to you!
PPS: We did ask about you. And the stories they told us... But that's for another day!


18 February 2015 - First club run of the year

Dave's report

At the 18th of February club night, Kirk and I mentioned that we were going for a run up to Triumph at Hinckley (for no other reason than a nice ride) on Sunday 22nd Feb, setting off from Pure Triumph at Wellingborough at 8am. Garry was the only one brave/daft enough to join us for the early/cold start.

We went up via Jack's Hill Café for an en-route, well needed, cup of tea. Despite the bright sunshine, it was cold but bearable. Arrived at the Hinckley factory and parked up in the outer car park. Unfortunately a security 'jobsworth' came over and told us we couldn't park there, I guess we were the only excitement for his Sunday shift and no doubt we were entered into his daily log.

Uneventful drive back and a few degrees warmer, the predecessor to the rain front which was to hit after we got home 

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